About "GEO"




GEO~ジオ~ はギリシャ語で「大地」「地球」の意。


About International Cultural Friendship House "GEO"

Nagahama City is trying to be an international cultural city.This city founded The Nagahama Unesco Association in 1948 ,and became the sister city of Augsburg ,Germany in 1959 and of Verona ,Itary in 1992. We are proud that these cultural exchange activities have been carried out by citizens. Outcome of this  "grassroots friendship diplomacy" ,Nagahama International Friendship Association was founded.

The International Cultural Friendship House "GEO" is a house for developing worldwide relationships.This house is named "GEO" ,because it means "the earth" in Greek,hoping for global friendship.

This house was contributed by Mr.Sadao Hase,an honorary citizen of Nagahama city .He hope this house will become a center of  internationl relationships in this district, and will be used by many people.

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長浜市民国際交流協会(Nagahama International Friendship Association)